Fork Revalve

Take your handling to the next level with our fork revalve service.

Fork RevalveMost riders know the importance of periodic fork rebuilds, because the handling of your bike changes over time. For most riders, this needs to happen about every 30 hours of riding time, but for serious riders, it may need to be more often, every 15 hours of riding time. Another time that your bike may need fork service is after a lengthy stint in storage, where temperature and humidity changes along with other factors can affect its handling.

Our fork revalve service includes fork rebuild but will allow you to take your handling to the next level, customizing your bike to suit your rider weight, skill level, preferred riding terrain and other customization considerations. At Art of War Suspension Technologies, we bring motocross suspension technology that was once reserved for factory teams and make it available for just about anyone. We will take the time needed before starting your fork revalve to understand your needs and make sure that we give you the top performance you deserve.

Pricing for our fork revalve service starts at $395, not including wear items, springs, and modified parts. We will carefully disassemble your forks, cleaning and inspecting each component, including tubes, bushings, and seals. We will ensure that your seals have proper oil retention and refill fluid levels as we re-assemble your forks. For top-notch products handled by experienced, professional hands, turn to us to restore your handling to its original performance or better, while giving you the handling you need to control your output, regardless of your preferred style of riding and terrain. Contact us now for more information.