How to Care for Your Motocross Suspension

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Here at Art of War Suspension Technologies, we specialize in working on motorcycle suspensions. Our team has worked in the professional motocross circuit for many years, and we now offer our services to professional and non-professional riders alike. In this article, we will go over a few tips on how to take care of your motocross suspension to help you keep it in great condition.

How to Care for Your Motocross Suspension

•  Adjust It to Your Needs. When motorcycles are made, the suspension is calibrated for each bike to the height and weight of the average rider. This means that you will likely get inferior results unless you first adjust the system to your own height and weight. As soon as you purchase your bike, you should visit a mechanic to have them adjust your motocross suspension to better suit your individual needs.

•  Keep the Suspension Clean. Another thing you can do to keep your motocross suspension in great shape is to keep the components clean. Dirt particles cause friction, which will cause your suspension’s components to wear out faster—by regularly removing the dirt, you can prevent this from happening and keep your system in better long-term condition.

•  Perform Regular Inspections. As you clean your motocross suspension, you should also carefully inspect the components for signs of damage. Pay particular attention to the state of the sliding tubes, as this will seriously affect your bike’s overall performance, and watch out for leaks as well, as any fluid leak is a sign that there’s a significant problem with your system.