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Upgrade and personalize your ride with a customized shock revalve.

Shock RevalveAt Art of War Suspension Technologies, we are passionate about matching the right custom bike components to the right bike and the right rider. One of the services we offer is our shock revalve service. This includes a total shock rebuild and starts at $280, not including wear items, springs, and modification parts. We have years of experience working with all these components, as well as customizing them to match a rider’s unique needs and preferences.

Shock rebuild includes disassembling the shocks, replacing worn shock parts, cleaning components, adding appropriate fluids, and carefully reassembling the shocks, then installing them on your bike. This basic periodic service is needed because of the extreme heat and friction that occurs during your rides. Over time, these forces wear out seals, degrade bushings and reduce the effectiveness of your oil and other fluids. When you haven’t had shock rebuild recently, you are more likely to experience issues like oversteering, understeering, squatting, reduced comfort while riding, and a change in handling, among others.

Upgrade and personalize your ride with a customized shock revalve, which can improve your shock performance and help your bike better suit your unique skill level and skillset. During shock revalve, we modify the existing piston valve set, which can dampen various properties of your handling, improve your stability, increase your control, and give you more confidence, in spite of challenging terrain.

Whether you are looking for a custom shock revalve service or just a basic oil change, we are standing by to help you with all your riding needs. Contact us today.