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We decided that everyone deserves the motocross suspension services that a professional receives.

Motocross Suspension ServiceJonny Oler started Art of War Suspension Technologies to offer factory-level suspension to the public. Oler ran the Joe Gibbs Racing MX team’s suspension department since the team’s inception in 2008. Prior to that, Oler worked with factory Showa, dedicated to the factory Honda motocross and supercross team, and also worked with RG3 suspension. That builds years of experience and a full latitude to try new things—as JGR was often the industry leader in building proprietary suspension technology. Oler has more experience reshaping the motorcycle to fit the rider than most. He’s seen the tough tracks and tough conditions, so you can bet he’ll find a solution for where you ride. His commitment to improving the industry is commendable and makes for the solution-oriented experience you want for your motocross suspension services.

Through Art of War Suspension Technologies, Oler decided that everyone deserves to benefit from the highest-end of motocross suspension concepts. Now the suspension technology that has previously only been offered to factory teams is available to the public.

2006 Showa Japan

While we still focus on the needs of the professional at the top of the ranks, we are now also offering the same advantages to any who seeks them. In an altering terrain world, we strive to control a rider’s output. This is what we stand for and guarantee.