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We can take care of the replacement process of your bike’s springs & parts.

Springs & PartsA ride on a motocross bike is always an exciting experience. Whether you’re navigating over rough terrain or riding in an arena, you can feel the bumps beneath your tires. Some of the key components that impact the ride quality and comfort are the springs, which are part of the bike’s suspension system. A spring is a coiled piece of metal that absorbs shock when compressed and releases it when it expands back out. In your bike’s suspension system, the springs help to cushion the ride, especially when you’re going over big bumps.

Over time, normal wear can cause damage to the springs & parts on your bike. When this happens, you may notice a change in the handling every time you climb on the back. For less-experienced motocross riders, the change takes a bit longer to notice, but it will require replacement at some point. Our team at Art of War Suspension Technologies can take care of the replacement process of your bike’s springs & parts. We specialize in motocross bike suspension systems and offer a range of services designed to enhance the performance and handling of these fun and capable vehicles.

In addition to offering replacement of springs & parts, we can also help you customize your ride with some updated components. We have after-market and OEM springs made of titanium and steel. You can choose the springs & parts you need to enhance the performance on your own, or we can take care of the process on your bike. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.