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We have years of experience and enjoy modifying motocross bikes to maximize their benefits.

Shock RebuildWhen you ride a motocross bike, you may notice that the ride changes over time. This is normal, as wear on the various components can alter the feel of the bike and impact its handling and performance. However, you don’t have to sacrifice your riding experience. Instead, bring your bike to us at Art of War Suspension Technologies to get any performance mods you might need to restore the performance and handling of the ride. The friction and heat produced as you ride wear out the seals and bushings, causing oil degradation. Most experienced riders start to notice a shift after about 15 hours of riding, although those with less experience can often go for 30 hours or more before needing suspension service.

One of the suspension services we offer is a shock rebuild, which involves replacing existing shock parts with new components that absorb the shock as you navigate over steep hills and bumps. We want to make sure all the parts within your suspension are operating properly, just as the engineers intended for them to operate. The cost for a shock rebuild at our shop is reasonable, putting it within reach for all types of motocross riders.

In addition to shock rebuild services, we can tackle other suspension performance upgrades and mods. If you’re unhappy with any aspect of the ride quality or handling of your bike, bring it in, and we’ll take a look to determine how we can improve it. We have years of experience and enjoy modifying motocross bikes to maximize their benefits.


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