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Customize your bike’s handling for a unique riding experience.

Suspension Revalve in Mooresville, North CarolinaThe way your bike handles directly impacts how you ride and how much you enjoy riding. At Art of War Suspension Technologies, our suspension revalve solutions are designed to completely customize the handling of your bike, whether you want to feel more comfortable on long rides or feel more confident hitting advanced back trails in Mooresville, North Carolina. The goal of suspension revalve is to always get you the handling you desire.

The benefits of having us do a suspension revalve include the following:

  • Improved control—No matter what type of riding style you’re into, a suspension revalve can give you the feeling of having more control while riding. As you ride, you’ll notice that your suspension won’t abruptly deflect or react.
  • Enhanced comfort—One of the main outcomes of the suspension revalve process is to give your suspension a smoother feeling. If, for example, you have a stiff motocross setup, this will make your bike incredibly rideable by reducing harshness.
  • Personalized handling feel—We take time to understand what characteristics you like to experience when handling your bike to provide you with the most customized result. We have experience improving the handling for all kinds of riders, whether you do Motocross, Freestyle, or Enduro riding.

Give your bike a comfortable, customized feel by going forward with the suspension revalve process. We can tell you all you need to know about how this works and why it can make your bike even better. Contact us today to find out more.


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