Signs Your Bike Needs a Shock Rebuild

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A shock rebuild can improve the performance of your bike’s suspension shock. However, you might get used to riding on a bike that needs a shock rebuild and assume that this is just how the bike performs.

Signs Your Bike Needs a Shock Rebuild

If you aren’t sure whether your bike could benefit from a shock rebuild, here are a few common signs it’s time to bring your bike to us for this service:

  • Loss of performance—If you notice that your suspension shock isn’t performing as well as it used to, it may be time for a shock rebuild. Signs of loss of performance include reduced damping control, decreased travel, and a harsher ride quality overall.
  • Leaking fluid—If you see fluid or oil around your shock’s seals or on the shock body, you could have a leak. This could be due to a loss of damping performance and can be addressed with a shock rebuild.
  • Audible noises—Are there odd noises coming from your shock? If you hear rattling, clunking, or squeaking noises, this could be due to worn-out or loose internal components.
  • Unresponsive suspension—If your shock doesn’t respond like it should when you hit bumps or uneven terrain, this could be a sign that you have worn-out damping components.

A loss of performance, leaking fluid, strange noises, and an unresponsive suspension are all signs that your bike could use a complete shock rebuild. For more information about what this involves or to bring your bike in to us for this service, contact us today.