What Factors Affect Fork Rebuild Cost?

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The forks on your dirt bike are one of the most important parts, and they can wear down over time, requiring the need for replacement. The forks are what your front wheel is mounted onto, and each one is made up of two tubes that fit inside the other. These tubes contain a spring system as well as a system of hydraulics and valves that control how the spring moves.

What Factors Affect Fork Rebuild Cost?

If you need a fork rebuild done, you’ll start noticing that your bike doesn’t ride as smoothly or handle as well as you’re used to. If it’s time to rebuild your forks, one of the main things on your mind is probably what the fork rebuild cost looks like.

Although the fork rebuild cost varies, at Art of War Suspension Technologies, we tell riders that it mainly depends on how worn down their forks are, how difficult it is to replace the forks, and the quality of the replacement parts they pick. Have us take care of your fork replacement, and we’ll quote you a fair price and stand by this estimate.

We’ll give you a clear idea of what the fork rebuild cost will look like before you have us work on your bike. To get a quote or to learn more about what replacing your dirt bike’s forks will involve, reach out to us today.