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Whether you are looking for comfort or confidence, we can customize your motocross suspension.

Motocross SuspensionThe way your bike handles significantly impacts how it rides and your level of enjoyment while riding. Different riders have different styles and priorities, which is why we offer customized motocross suspension services, allowing you to personalize your bike’s components to suit your unique needs and wants. If you are looking for a unique, customized ride experience, you will want our expert team at Art of War Suspension Technologies to maintain your motocross suspension.

Whether you are looking for improved comfort for longer riding or increased confidence on advanced and challenging trails, we can customize your motocross suspension and give you:

  • Improved comfort: We can help you reduce the hardness of your ride and give you a smoother experience on a variety of tracks and trails where you ride.
  • Increased control: We can help make sure that your bike doesn’t react or abruptly deflect, giving you the control you need to face challenging inclines, obstacles, and more.
  • Truly personalized handling: We will take the time needed to understand your unique attributes as a rider, and how you want your bike to perform when our services are completed. We want to help you achieve your riding goals, and help you maximize your enjoyment while riding.

Whether you are looking for motocross suspension customization to suit Motocross, Freestyle, Enduro, or other types of riding, we have the knowledge and experience needed to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to discuss your needs from basic oil changes to full works modifications.