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Don’t let suspension degradation degrade your riding. Our service will restore your original performance.

Shock Bottom BumperYour bike’s handling will degrade over time. Heat and friction will cause wear on the suspension bushings and seals, which results in oil degradation. After as little as 15 hours of serious riding, you’ll notice a difference, and a more casual rider should consider service after 30 hours. Our fork rebuild services include replacing worn bushings and leaking seals and removing any nicks in the fork tubes. Our shock service will make sure your shocks bushing and seals are functioning as the engineers intended. We also refill the fluid to the proper level after cleaning all components. Even if you haven’t ridden lately, you could still need a fork rebuild because of issues related to extended storage.

Whether racing or riding on a track or a trail, you need suspension you can trust so you can perform your best. You can count on us to use the best products and service to guarantee you the control, handling, and comfort to suit your preferences.

Our fork rebuild services start at $170, not including wear items, springs, or modification parts. Our shock rebuild service starts at $135, not including wear items, springs, or modification parts We are happy to provide a quote specific to your situation. Looking for even better suspension performance? Consider an Art of War revalve and set up your bike for your weight and style. Call today to learn more.