What Does the Fork Revalve Process Involve?

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A fork revalve can improve the suspension on your road bike after this component starts to wear down over time. You may need a fork revalve if your bike doesn’t handle as well as it used to or if you’re experiencing a bumpy ride, even while riding over flat surfaces.

What Does the Fork Revalve Process Involve?

Have us at Art of War Suspension Technologies do your fork revalve, and we’ll start by collecting information about you as the rider. We may ask for some information about you, such as your general riding ability, weight and height, and age, as well as the type of riding you like to do. All of these different factors will impact your new settings after the fork revalve is done. We’ll also take into account how your particular dirt bike works. For example, if it typically rides low or high on the front end, we’ll make adjustments to help you go faster or enjoy a more comfortable ride.

After we collect all this information, we’ll disassemble, clean, and inspect your bike’s forks. If needed, we may contact you to give you an update on your forks’ condition and recommend any additional parts you may want us to service. After this, we’ll revalve and modify anything required to get the type of suspension action you’re after.

Once the new settings are installed on your road bike, it will ride better than new. Note that we only replace parts that are worn down – we won’t replace everything simply to increase the amount of the invoice. Contact us today to learn more!